Tatyana was born and raised in Cottage Grove, WI. Her father is currently a composer/arranger who is well known in the Madison area, and her mother is a choir teacher at Monona Grove High School. That being said, she grew up in an environment that was very musical friendly. The first major musical role that Tatyana experienced was in the fourth grade as Little Cosette, and since then she has formed a passion for the stage.
Tatyana performed in an array of musical roles while in High School (truly an "array" of roles because she played Aida in Aida). This was the time that solidified Tatyana's decision to pursue the arts as her career. Tatyana got into the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, where she would explore different roles (see 'resume') and grow into the performer and person that she is today.
During college, Tatyana was also a member of the KIDS from Wisconsin - a performance group of thirty-three musicians and singer/dancers. The KIDS from Wisconsin tour during the summer, performing in auditoriums across the state of Wisconsin. During her second year, Tatyana became a "student leader" of the group. After college, Tatyana worked as a choreographer for show choirs in the Madison, WI area and worked two summers at a performing resort in Center Lovell, ME called Quisisana.
Besides being a performer, Tatyana enjoys traveling, yoga and meditation, reading, and songwriting.